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Residential, Commercial and Industrial Scaffolding

At Easy Peasy Scaffolding, we specialize in providing the safest, most cost effective, quality scaffolding for any application.
Fully certified and insured, our specialist staff will help you determine exactly what you need, streamline the quoting system and ensure the whole process saves you time and money.

All Scaffolding installed by Easy Peasy Scaffolding comes complete with scaffold tags and a site handover certificate to ensure the job is safe and legal to work on.

Full List of Scaffolding Services

Scaffold Services

Easy Peasy Scaffolding have a range of Scaffolding to suit your needs, whether you’re renovating a house or building a high-rise.

Steel Kwikstage/Ringlock Scaffold

The industry standard. Prefabricated, modular, steel, most commonly used on new buildings for heavier duty work or long term hire.

Suitable for:

Brick Layers, Painters, Carpenters, Roofers, Renderers

Aluminium Kwikstage/Ringlock Scaffold

Much lighter than steel Kwikstage, Aluminium Scaffold is preferable when weight is a factor, for light or medium duty work or short term hire.

Suitable for:

Painters, Carpenters, Renderers, Roofers

Aluminium Tower Scaffold

Our Mobile Aluminium Tower scaffold is perfect for projects that require more flexibility and manoeuvrability. They are light weight and easy to set up and pull down.

Suitable for:

Painters, Carpenters, Signwriters, plasterers